Les Beero!!Les Beero du PRESIDENTE!!
El Presidente-The official WBWS Fanclub

By joining El Presidente, you will

An El Presidente/WBWS controversial T-Shirt;
Bi-monthly newsletter;
Anything else we decide to throw at you;

Membership is 25$ a year(American$ or Canadian$, we really don't care.


We don't accept checks, money orders, or anything else like that. Just cash. Try to conceal it in the envelope so no-one will try to steal it. If it is stolen before it gets to us, tough knockers. Your best bet would be to give us the cash personnally. You might need to book a meeting in our busy schedule for such a transaction. Otherwise, send it to our account manager:
Matt Payne
Route 7
Welsford NB

Include your name, address, email address(if possible), and gender. A nude picture of yourself would be appreciated.


You could threaten to beat us up if we don't allow you free membership. NOTE: If you choose this method, then DO NOT beat us up anyways after you join, because WE WILL REMOVE YOUR NAME without refund.