Over the weekend David Romacat was seen chasing kittens at the park. That was the last anyone has seen of him. He left a party, telling friends that he was going to get some more booze out of the car. The next morning, those frinds decided to look for him. The car he was retrieving booze from was gone. The next day eye-witnesses reprted that he was chasing kittens while holding a brown paper bag with what appeared to be a large bottle inside. Non-one knows why the kittens were at the park. Maybe they were pigeons.
The WBWS are sure their old drummer is fine. He can look out for himself and will come out a better man. He was in boy scouts(or so we assume). So we are now on the prowl for a new permenant drummer. If you think you've got the touch, and aren't easily offended, drop Rauel a line at drumline@wbws.4mg.com