101 Reasons YOU Should Become The Bass Player For The WBWS
PLEASE NOTE:This is merely novelty now that we have a bass player, and have been offered a second.
1. We play Punk;
2. Archie sings;
3. Rauel plays guitar;
4. Romacat plays drums;
5. We get to wreck Romacats' drums;
6. Controversy! Controversy! Controversy!;
7. Tip the non-loser ratio over the top;
8. We love you;
9. We need a bass player;
10. Swearing Galore;
11. Romacat plays drums;
12. The teachers will hate us;
13. Why not?;
14. Bossa Nova & Merengue;
15. "Maximum of Mood";
16. Rauel Sexis;
17. Stage names galore;
18. Official webpage;
19. We can wreck Romacats' drums;
20. The swear word f_#k;
21. ;
22. Can't live without it;
23. Romacat plays drums;
24. You'll be the best musician in the band by far;
25. Pick your own stage name;
26. You only live once;
27. It's the gift that keeps on giving;
28. Warren Coombs was the original bass playe;
29. We're desperate;
30. "Fringe" benefits;
31. Official Mascot(?);
32. Gina Manages;
33. Evil Name Mystery;
34. Your face on the WWW;
35. No more lonely nights;
36. Make your parents proud;
37. You can put it on your resume;
38. Romacat plays drums;
39. Chicks dig bass players;
40. An excuse to wear tights;
41. Lots of blisters;
42. Keith Richards would want you to;
43. Archie is vocalist;
44. We can talk with British accents;
45. We're the taste of the new generation;
46. No songs by the putz Warren Coombs;
47. Nine out of ten doctors prefer us;
48. The fate of the universe depends on it;
49. Because you can;
50. Bass players lead such interesting lives;
51. We're sexy;
52. La Bamba;
53. "Doin' it in the Gondola";
54. Warren the putz;
55. Eventual impared hearing;
56. "The Man" wouldn't approve;
57. You get to look stupid, in a group;
58. Last year we were voted "Band most sensitive to your needs.";
59. Some cooking ability among the band;
60. Endorsed by the Game Jockeys;
61. Free Lovin';
62. A place in our hearts, reserved just for you;
63. Our former bassist (Warren the Putz) met Wierd Al;
64. Rumba in the Bronx;
65. It's the "in" thing to do;
66. Unleash your anger towards society;
67. Saying stupid things makes you look cool;
68. If you were in a band, we'd join it;
69. $$$$$$$(eventually);
70. We'll NEVER get old;
71. You owe it to us;
72. We know where you live;

We are well on our way to 101 reasons! They get trashier and trashier as we go down the list, but we keep coming up with them! We have a bassist now, so don't send Rauel a message: ruddegar@hotmail.com