!!'Bout the Band!!

Founded in Saint John New Brunswick in 1999 by two young slackers (Crisp, Sexis) who wanted to make some people mad, the controversially named WBWS have taken their first steps towards stardom. Fist on their list was finding a drummer. Next they needed a manager with connections, a killer smile, and political bite. Gina Ellefsen was the perfect candidate, and they signed her on. Next they needed an ex-con with a bad attitude and a history of mayhem to be their bass player. They never got the ex-con, but they got the next best thing. Rock veteran Randag Bazoukie signed on as lead bass player. Because of the mysterious dissapearence of thier former drummer David Romacat, they are now looking for a new drummer.
Archie Crisp

Lead Vocals;



Rauel Sexis


Randag Bazouki

Bass Guitar;

Gina Ellefssen


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